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Which ligament passes between the anterior and posterior Lamina of the vertebrae?

Anterior longitudinal ligament

Ligamentum flavum

Supraspinous ligament

Ligamentum nuchae

Interspinous ligament

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Kicking a football is comparable to Whiplash of your hand?



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With which bones does the zygomatic bone articulate:

Frontal, Sphenoidal, Temporal and Maxilla

Frontal, Temporal, Occipital, Maxilla

Frontal, Nasal, Temporal, Maxilla

Only with temporal

None of the above

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Which sentence concerning the nucleus pulposus is true:

It is more fibrous than cartilaginous

It acts like a show absorber for lateral forces

It becomes broader when relaxed

Is located more posteriorly than centrally

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The first cervical Vertebrae is called






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Osteoarthritis is

The Transition of cartilage to bone in the young child

cancer of the bone

Inflammation of the bone

Type of arthritis which comes in old age

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Bursae are small pockets or sacs filled with synovial fliud that 

act as a Joint between small articulating bones

form reservoirs for concentration of phagocytes

act as sites for hemopoietic activiy

helps to relieve pressure during movement of body parts

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How many apertures has the interosseus membrane of the leg and where are they?

One at the bottom

One in the middle

Two / one at the middle and one at the top

Two / one at the top and one at the bottom

Three / one in the middle, one at the bottom and one at the top