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Constitution: Basic Facts

- framework

- function: describes individual liberties (civil liberties) + right

- written & signed in 1787

- what is special? oldest written & still existing constitution; US established with constitution (history existed before)

- survived because it's vague + flexible + short

Constitution: Examples of constitutional questions

1. religion 2. internet privacy 3. national security vs. civil liberties 4. same sex-marriage 5. size of government 6. election of president

Constitution: Different Voices

George Washington: "not gonna last"

James Madison (one of writers): "not lose sight of changes to make it last"

Constitution: Historical Context & famous settlements

Colonies in New World (16th, 17th, 18th)

- Famous British settlements: 1607 Jamestown / Virginia -> reason of commerce

1620 Plymouth / Massachussets -> religious reasons

Brit. Colonies = Some of the freest people in 17th, moving towards a more representative form of gov.

Original States

13 colonies established between 1607-1733

Political Freedom in Colonies

English Civil War: 1640 - 1660 -> Charles I executed (König vs. Parlament), zeitweiligie Abschaffung der Monarchie

Glorious Revolution 1688: constitutional monarchy established (no absolute monarchs, parliament gained power)

English Bill Of Rights: 1689


- Colonists have written compact forms of self governments (rights) - Mayflower (Puritans), Virginia Declaration of Rights etc.

U.S Revolution

Decleration of Independence: July 4, 1776 = indpendent country based on John Locke's ideas: "life, liberty, pursuit of happiness" (people are born with natural rights)

- war, reaction to document, Brit vs US, violent break

- government protects rights, but does not give rights:

-> if it fails people have duty to rise up

-> people give gov. permission to exist = consent of the governed

Content of Declaration of Independence

- 1st paragrapgh: why they break away from UK

- balance of power is going to be shifted

- God references don't refer to Christians God, they believe in scientific principles

- pursuit of happiness = being able to use your potential