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When flaps are deployed at constant AoA, lift coefficientw will...

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Flap selcetion at constant IAS in S&L flight will increase the...

max. lift coefficient (CLmax) and the drag.
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Difference between the effects of flap and slat asymettry is that...

flaps asymmetry causes a large rolling moment at any speed,

whereas slat asymmetry causes a large difference in CLmax.

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The use of slat in leading edge of the wing enables the aeroplane to fly at a slower speed because...

it delays the stall to a higher angle of attack.

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When spoliers are extended the part of the wing which they are mounted...

experiences a reduction in lift, which generates the desired rolling moment, additionally

there is a local increase in drag, which suppresses adverse yaw.

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What happens with drag and lift -> wing spoiler extension in S&L flight, the speed and load factor are constant...

drag increases,

lift remains unaffected

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The rotation about the NORMAL axis is...

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The elevtaor deflection required for a given manoeuvre will be:

smaller at high IAS when compared to low IAS.