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Federal Trade Commision Act

  • original mandate of Federal Trade Commission was to protect business owner from the unserupulous practices of another
  • later extendet to other protection to consumers as well as businesses
  • Today FTC is the primary federal enforcement agency to ensure that advertising claiams and sales practices meet reasonable standards for honesty and truthfulness
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The war advertising Council

  • founded to promote World War 2 mobilization it later evolved into the Advertising Council
  • First campaign encourages women to enter the workforce
  • Advertising Council: Non profit network of agencies, media and advertisers dedicated to promiting social programs through ads
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Ad after WW2 to 1975

  • During WW2 ad had taken a backseat
  • with end of war pent-up demand led to unprecended alleteration in the rate of growth of ad media investment
  • media volume almost three times what it had been only 10 years eralier
  • By the mid 50's consumers had met most of their basic needs and now had to be persuaded to buy products that satisfied wants rather than only needs
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The figures also said growth

  • 1956 Department of Justice ruled that ad-agencie could negotiate fees with clients rather than adhere th the 15 percent commission that had been required on all media peviously -> growth of specialized companies
  • Creativity including humor became hallmar of ad
  • FTC introduced corrective advertising demanding greater accountability for companies, that made false or missleading claims
  • NP felt effect of shift of metropolitan populations to the suburbs -> Freestanding inserts became important part og NP billings
  • Radio took drive when TV came along
  • Two biggest developments to emerge TV and electronics were TV and electronic data processing
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Ad in the 21st century

2000 marked by two significant developments in marketing and advertising

  1. Defining and using new technology to reach prospects
  • (Technology created consumer empowered with interactive, two way communication devices that allow them to determine when, where and ifvthey will invite advertisers to deliver their messages
  • Era of permission marketing requires companies to rewrite ad rules of marketing and fundomentally redefine exactly what constitutes advertising
  • Although specific promitions demonstrate a wide variety of uses, marketers realize that audience involvement is key to success so promotions function as participatory communications
  1. Measuring value of investing various communication channels as it relates to the changes in how we reach prospects
  • since beginning of fragmentation measuring return on investment of ads dollars has been a major problem
  • continued media fragmentation and consumer's increased control over how, when and where they receive ad messages caused advertisers to look for new avenues
  • new media audiences tend to be individualized and expensive to reach
  • most apparent aspect of transition from add to new media will be a change in advertisers mind-set concerning audience measurement
  • counting eyeballs tuned to network program or purchasers of a magazine or NP os no longer adequate to prove the value and efficiency of companies ad investment
  • Overlapping media ownership created competitive problems rather than cooperation among units
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  • Return to strong branding, with companies searching for means to differentiate their products and move away from price competition and generic selling
  • Products that successfully build their brand images will enjoy the luxury of fewer price based promotions
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  • Marketing in this century will involve globalization and diversity
  • understanding the language, culture, economy and political environment of countries throughout the world is already a prerequisite for most marketing executives
  • multinational marketers will find that a locally orientated strategy for global marketing is essential
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Advertising as a communication tool

  • successful advertising depends on the use of effective communication
  • fundamental principle of good ad is that it must be built round the overall marketing plan and execute the communication elements of a more far-reaching arketing pogramm