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Premarketing era



Period from prehistoric times to the eighteenth century. Buyers & sellers in primitive ways.
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Masscommunication era

1700's to early decades of the 20th century in which advertisers were able to reach large segments of population through mass media.
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Research era

In recent years advertisers increasingly have been able to identify narrowly defined audience segments through sophistictated research methods.
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Interactive era

Communication will increasingly be controlled by consumers who will determine when and where they csn br reached with promotional messages.
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Factors for the growing importance of persuasive advertising.

industrial output had reached point at which brand competition was taking place. Promotional offers and introduction of emotional appeal

selling products on the basis of style and luxury rather than just utility

ads draw from social science research to determine the most effective means of reaching consumers

1950: Companies accepted, that the position a brand has in the minds of consuers are more important than the real productsuperiority

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The development of the print media


  • NP primary medium for infos and ads
  • past century challenged position of NP
  • Civil War created unprecendent demand for current news and infos -> more NP
  • NP of that era established model for financial support from ads
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  • By 1800 more than 100 magazines served an educated and wealthy elite
  • Editorial and ads foundations of modern consumer magazines shaped in later part of the 19th century
  • Ad support came from manufacturers, for them magazines provided only means of reaching buyers throughout the country.
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The pure food and drug act

  • Americans moved from farms to cities, so a majority of people were dependent on others for their food
  • advertising for food and medicine were often outrageous so some magazines banned medical advertising
  • 1906 public opinion had reached point, that congress moved to protect public health with passage of the Food and Drug Act
  • modern era of food and drug enforcement began with passage of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.