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corporate or industrial ad

  • done by an organizazion speaking of its work views and problems as a whole, to gain public goodwill and support rather than to sell specific product. Sometimes callec PR-Ad
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Building strong brands and brand equity

Definition of brand

  • A name, term, sign, design or a unifying combination of them intended to identify and destinguish the product or service from competing products or services
  • represents the most powerful link between offer and consumer
  • a promise that it will help the user make or save money, look better feel great
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The origin of branding

  • in mid 1880's there were no brands and littel quality control by manufacturers
  • manufacturers had to offer the best deals to wholesalers to get their products disributed -> sqeeze of profits -> manufacturers decided to differenciate their products from competition
  • manufacturers gave their products names, obtained patents and used ads -> concept of branding was born
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brand connections

  • thanks to digital changes and the internet, ad is going though its first true paradigmen shift
  • result: revolutionary change in media tools and whole bews way to connect
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branding channels and engagement


  • branding today is not about media, it's about the idea
  • in the digital age it is absolutely crutial to understand the value of each branding channel and its relevance to a particular audience
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branding as a financial decision

  • branding is about a deep understanding of a brand's one-on-one relationship with people, considered in the context of a masscompetitive environment
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digital influence

  • digital allows the world to determine weather a brand is practising ehat it purchases
  • your brand and the brand organization must perform behave and satisfy the consumer's needs as they expect
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Brands and integrating marketing communication

  • today, a brand's equity is best strenghtened through the integrated use of all marketing communication tools working from a single strategy
  • IMC refers to all messages directed to a consumer on behalf of the brand: ads, promotion, PR, direct response, events, 
  • when customers have a coherent experience whenever and whereever they come across you brand you have achieved integration