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Advertising to the consumer

National advertising


  • ad by marketers of a trademark product or service sold through different outlets in contrast to local ads
  • tends to be general in terms of product information
  • need of communication more closely with targeted consumers has caused national ads to take on a more personalized tone during the past decade
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Advertising to the consumer

Retail (local) ads

  • the most important change in retailing is the more from local regional stores with anywhere from one to a dozen outlets to national chains operating throughout the country
  • more and more the retail category is dominated by one or two retailers
  • the move to national retailing has significant ramifications for NP and local radio stations -> NP are seeing a dramatic ad spending shifts as retailers move to national promotional plans
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Ad to consumers

End-Product ads

  • building consumer demand by promoting ingredients in a product
  • most commonly employed by manufacturers of ingredients used in consumer products
  • successful end-prduct ad bulds a consumer demand for an ingredient that will help in the sale of product
  • have to create meaningful differentiation for consumer purchase decisions
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Ad to consumers

Direct purchase ad

  • any form of ad done indirect marketing
  • uses all types of media: direct mail, television ...
  • largest sector od direct response ad is direct mail
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Advertising to business and professions

  • one of the fastest-growing categories of ad and requires a much different strategy than consumer ad
  • tends to be fact orientated with few of the emotional appeals found in consumer ad
  • purchases in B2B tend to be fairly straight forward
  • purchase decisions made by companies involves many people including those who do the actual buying those who directly or indirectly influence this decision and the employees who will actually use the product or service
  • organizational and industrial products are often bought according to prelise, technical specifications that require significant knowledge about the product categoryon the part of both buyers and sellers
  • impulse buying is rare
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categories of business ad


Trade ad

  • ad directed to the whole sae or retail merchants or sales agencies through whom the product is sold
  • emphasized product profitability and the consumer advertising support retailers will receive from manufacturers
  • trade ad promotes products and services that retailers need to operate their busniess
  • trade ad has several objectives
  1. gain additional distribution
  2. increase trade support
  3. annouce consumer promotions
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Industrial ad

  • adresses to manufacturers who buy machinery equipment, raw materials and the components needed to produce the goods they sell
  • purchase of industrial equipment is usually a complex process that includes a number of decision makers
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Professional ad

  • directed at those in professions such as medicine law etc. who are in a position to recommend the use of a particular product or service to their clients