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What is the basic syntax to call an API?
The basic syntax to call an API is "API-name.function(parameter list)".
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True or false? Calling an API is only possible with an Avaloq Script package.
No. APIs can not only be called from an Avaloq Script package. It is possible to call an API from outside the ABS.
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What is your understanding of "business type config (BTC)"?
A script which contains elements of PL/SQL and SQL is stored in Avaloq ice within the BTC source type.
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Which source generators exist?
a) Excel sheets (OMD), b) scripts like genwfc
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What do the abbreviations OBJ and DOC stand for?
In the ABS the abbreviation OBJ is for objects and the abbreviation DOC is for orders.
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What does a workflow in Avaloq symbolize in a bank?
It is the representation of a business process.
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Which kind of order creates or modifies objects?
A static data order creates or modifies an object.
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Which kind of order generates bookings?
Normally a transaction order generates bookings