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Prüfung AAC6

Prüfung AAC6

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A customer wants to install Avaya Aura Conferencing 6.0

Which three pieces of mandatory networking information needs to be obtained from the customer to complete the installation? (Choose three)

Which three are uses as site survey requirements of Avaya Aura Conferencing 6.0? (Choose three)

Which statement about a Solution Modeller is true?

A Technician/Business Partner has decided to preregister the Avaya Aura Conferencing Installation. Which three statemants describe the goals that are met by doing this? (Choose three)

Which three are telephony related Operational Environmental Details? (Choose three)

A customer has just purchased Avaya Aura Conferencing 6.0.

Prior to installation, which three Operational Environmental details are needed? (Choose three)

Once the underlying operating system is installed, and a template is used to install the AAC virtual machines, which virtual machines are installed using the Standard Edition template?

Which operating system and virtualization technology are delivered as part of the system platform to support AAC Standard Edition?