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You want to place a computer in a remote office running Windows 10 Pro. The computer
will run a specialist app that has been tested on the current build of Windows 10. You are
concerned that future Windows upgrades may not be compatible with the app and you
need to disable upgrades. What should you do?

Untick the Give Me Updates For Other Microsoft Products When I Update Windows check box.

Configure the machine to receive updates from WSUS and do not approve updates for this machine.

Upgrade to Window 10 Enterprise and check the Defer upgrades setting.

Reinstall using the Window 10 Enterprise LTSB edition.

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You own Windows 10 Home edition and you want to disable the automatic updating
of Windows Store apps. What could you do? (Choose two.)

Open Windows Store app and disable the Update apps automatically option.

Enable the Turn Off Automatic Download and Install of updates GPO.

Upgrade to Window 10 Pro edition

Automatic updating of Windows Store apps cannot be turned off.