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Which two of the following Windows PowerShell commands can you use to manage a
CA database?





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Which two of the following technologies offer authentication protection, confidentiality
of the machine and its contents, private keys for security, and encrypted card
information that can’t be mined or removed?

Physical smart card

A compatible TPM chip

Virtual smart card

A biometric fingerprint reader

BitLocker Drive Encryption

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You create a homegroup on one computer and join it from another. This process goes
smoothly. However, when you try to access data shared with the homegroup from the
second computer, you can’t. What’s most likely the problem?

You aren’t connected to the network.

You aren’t using BitLocker Drive Encryption

The time is configured incorrectly on the second computer.

You aren’t running a compatible version of Windows

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Which of the following network types is a distributed concept, in which users manage
their own data sharing?




Workgroup or domain

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You want to secure communications over an untrusted network for applications that
need Internet access. You want to use TLS and SSL to achieve this. Which of the following
technologies offers this? Must the solution include a PKI infrastructure?


Remote Desktop Services

Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V)

Secure Channel

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You are trying to configure Group Policy to set an account lockout duration when users
try and fail to authenticate their computers after a specific number of events. The
options are grayed out. Why?

You must first configure the policy Account Lockout Threshold

You must first configure the policy Reset Account Counter After.

You are trying to configure the policy for a workgroup computer, but these policies are available only in domains.

You are in the Group Security Policy console, but need to be in the Group Policy Editor.

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Can Credential Manager and Credential Locker be used to store passwords for Windows
Store apps? Can Credential Manager and Credential Locker be used to store
passwords saved for local network resources?



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You want to enable your domain users to access the same desktop background, app
settings, browser history, and so on that they see on their main computers at home (or
in another office). What should you do?

A Microsoft account would be optimal, but can’t be used in a domain.

Let the users associate their Microsoft accounts with their domain accounts.

Use Workplace Join

Incorporate a Web Application Proxy server into your network.