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Sprache Deutsch
Kategorie Englisch
Stufe Grundschule
Erstellt / Aktualisiert 07.02.2015 / 20.05.2018
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ehren, würdigen; Würde

dignify (ai)

I'm not going to dignify his comments by reacting to them.

All employees treat one another with dignity and respect.

etw. zustimmen, gutheissen, billigen

approve of sth.

His parents did not approve of his hasty (übereilig) decision.

She doesn't approve of my friends.

Do you approve of my idea?


praise (for sth.)

She praised the children for their good manners.

The critics were full of praise for the film.

Unsicherheit, Ungewissheit (insecurity)


Times of great change are also times of uncertainty.

There is a great deal of uncertainty about the company's future .

grosse Leistung, Heldentag

The employee achieved astonishing feats (Leistungen), so he got promoted.

The 'acrobat accomplished an incredible feat (Kunststück).

The Eiffel Tower is a remarkable feat of engineering.

He received a medal for his heroic feat.

billig, geschmacklos, kitschig

I liked the film, although it was very cheesy.

The decoration is a bit tacky, but I like it.

sich verpflichtet fühlen, etw. zu tun

We feel committed to communicating in an open and transparent manner.

We feel committed to expressing our expectations and points of view.

feel ob'liged (ai) to do sth.

We feel obliged to provide our customers and users with the highest possible degree of transparency and to inform them about...

We feel obliged to express our concern about...

Lieblingsplatz, häufig besuchter Ort

haunt (hont)

The library and the park were his haunts in the afternoon.