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unvermeidbar, unumgänglich


The passing (Verabschiedung) of this law was inevitable.

With such a tight schedule, stress seems inevitable.

It was an inevitable consequence of the decision.

gesetzwidrig, illegal

It is illegal to drive through a red light.

ill'icit (drugs)

He swore to the judge that he would never again participate in illicit activities.

in Betracht gezogen werden

be taken into consideration

The judge will take into consideration any previous convictions (Urteile).

It is important to take into consideration the needs of pupils at the various stages of their development.

kompensierend, entschädigend

compen'satory (sei)

He received a compensatory payment of $ 20,000.

The company will compensate its clients for any losses.

Abgrenzung (von), Trennung

dissoci'ation (from)

He found it difficult to dis'sociate his private life from his job.

sich von jmd. zurückziehen

with'draw (ooo) from so./sth.

The 'athlete (i) retired and withdrew from competitive sports.

A back injury forced her to withdraw from Wimbledon.

versagen, vermasseln, versauen, in Unordnung bringen

Leg dich nicht mit mir an!

mess up sth.

I am happy because I did not mess up the exams.

My child messed up the living room.

Don't mess up with me!

Entspannung, Erholung, Freizeit


My work leaves me little time for recreation right now.

I have found a good balance between work and recreation.