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We distinguish four types of consumer decisions: extensive processing, impulsive, limited and habitual.

Going to migros and buying same apples every week is an example of a … decision. 


Name three kinds of situations that can influence the formation of the consideration set

  • memory-based choice situations
  • stimulus-based choice situations
  • mixed situations

name three memory-based choice situations


  • based on alternatives that are available in memory (often limited number of alternatives)
  • Recall of relevant alternatives at a specific moment (information likely to be incomplete)
  • Depends on how information is organized, on priming and on cues

name three stimulus-based choice situations

  • based on presented alternatives
  • often large number of alternatives 
  • limited due to short-term memory & limited processing capacity

Name two aspects that lead to need recognition 

- internal stimuli 

- external stimuli 

name the three types of needs

- functional need 

- social need

- need for change 

what is a "want-got gap" ?

Person feels discrepancy between current and desired state.