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Calculate partial pressures at MSL, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 atmospheric pressure.

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What is the composition of blood?

  • Cells: 45%
  • Plasma: 55%
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What is the lung circulatory system called?

Pulmonary: Blood flow between heart and lung

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What is systemic circulation?

Blood flow from heart to rest of the body

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What is cardiac circulation?

Blood flow within the heart

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The rate and depth of breathing is controlled by receptor cells in the brain by measuring what?

They measure the pressure of CO2 in the blood. Normal is 40mmHG, by more than 70mmHG CO2: Atemreflex

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What is external external respiration?

  • Oxygen exchange from the lungs into the blood (hemoglobin/red blood cells)
  • CO2 removed from the blood into the lung 
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What is internal respiration?

  • O2 is burnt by the cells, CO2 and water are waste products
  • CO2 turns to H2CO3 (Kohlensäure)