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What does NDB stand for?

Non-Directional radio Beacon

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What does ADF stand for?

Automatic Direction Finding

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Which type of propagation (ground/sky/space waves) do NDB use and in which freq. bands do they operate?

Ground waves in LF and MF

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What is the difference between QDM and QDR?

QDM: Magnetic bearing to the station, QDR: Magnetic bearing from the station -> QDM = QDR + 180 Deg.

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How are NDBs depicted on charts?

Single dot in circle surrounded by multiple circles made up of dots.

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In which exact bandwith do NDBs operate?

200 - 1750 kHz

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What is the range of NDBs and what does it depend on?

10 - 200 NM, depending on station output energy.

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What is the difference between N0N A1A and N0N A2A emissions?

NON A1A emissions: Interrupted bearing by identification 2x/min.
NON A2A emissions: Steady bearing and identification 8x/min.