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Rules of the air

Rules of the air

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ICAO Airspaces

Controlled: A,B, C, D, E

Uncontrolled: F, G

Switzerland: C, D, E, G


  • LDG & T/O only on RWY
  • Taxiing only on Taxiways and RWY


  • Gliding is under wa

Nav Light

Red: Left, 110° (Backbord, Portside)

Green: Right, 110° (Steuerbord, Starboard)

White: Back, 140°

VFR Minimum Alt

Sparsely Populated areas, open water: 500ft/150m

Congested areas, open air assembly of people, boats: 1000ft/300

VFR/IFR Cruising levels

Depending on magnetic course

East (0°-179°): uneven thousand, VFR + 500ft, e.g. VFR 9500 ft, IFR 9000ft

West (180°-360°): even thousand, VFR+ 500ft, e.g. VFR 6500ft, IFR 6000ft

21 Rul

distance from clouds



  • LDG & T/O only on paved RWY
  • Taxiing unrestricte