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  • Force per unit of area
  • Stress is the internal force inside a structural member which resists an externally applied load.
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Shock load

Sudden increase in the applied force

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  • Continual reversal of loading
  • The structurewill fail at a lower load compared to the maximum static load designed for at the beginning of its life 
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\(Zündwinkel= {{ 720°} \over { Number \space of \space cylinders} }\)

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Fachwerk/Timber Frame Construction

  •  Optimale Kraftverteilung
  • Kraft kann in Strukur aufgenommen werden --> Fail Safe
  • Negativ: Kein Plat
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  • Timber Frame/Fachwerk
  • Monocoque
  • Semi-Monocoqu
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  • Carries all the forces: Skin, Bulkhead
  • Parts used: SKin, Former, Bulkhead
  • Can absorb forces 
  • Has space for pax and cargo
  • Negativ: If structure is damaged, it is weakened and can ben
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  • "Advanced" Monocoque
  • Stringers strengthen the skin. They are riveted on to the skin
  • Longerons further strengthen the skin in longitudinal direction
  • Force is absorbed by: Skin, Bulkhead, Stringer, Longeron, Former