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The standard economic model assumes people are?


Bounded ration



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Which of the following statements is correct about behavioral economics?

It builds upon the standard economic model

It rejects the standard economic model

It is the same as economic psychology

It does not use the methodology of positive economics

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In behavioral economics, the models are predominantly normative



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Which are NOT the attributes of homo oeconomicus?

Limited self-control

Flexible preferences

Complete market transparency and foresight

Completely rational behavior

Utility maximization

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Which of the following is correct?

The WTA typically exceeds the WTP

The WTP typically exceeds the WTA


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Heuristics can be beneficial because they

Save time

Typically produce correct answers

Both A and B

Neither A and B

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Which of the following options is more closely related to the diversification bias?

Projection bias

Endownment Effect

Affect heuristic

Status quo bias

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Which mental shortcut is mostly used when evaluating risks and benefits, especially under time constraints?

Affect heuristic

Time constraction

Hedonic adaption

Status quo bias