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How an agile approach can help organization? (choose the best answer)

deliver on commitments.

better satisfy customers.

deliver faster.

deliver more features.

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As product development organization manager, you need to get information to understand how a team is doing . In the past you used periodic status report meetings and one-on-one meetings with team members. How can Scrum provide you with this same insight, without creating extra meetings?
(choose the best answer)

Stay informed about the Product Backlog Items (PBI) and pay attention to the improvement items that come from the Sprint Retrospectives.

Attend Sprint Retrospectives to know how the team is working together.

Ask the Scrum Master to provide you status report.

Assume that the Scrum Master will ensure that the Scrum Team is working well.

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As product development organization manager, you attend a Sprint Review for one of the Scrum Teams in your organization. The Product Owner explains that the Development Team only delivered 5 of the 7 Product Backlog Items they committed to during Sprint Planning. The product owner promises higher productivity in the next Sprint. What do you think about this?
(choose the best answer)

Look at the results from their Sprint Retrospective to see what they are doing to improve.

It is the Product Owner accepts responsibility to commit to improving.

The team needs to work with the Scrum Master on improving their estimation ability.

The team should not commit to Product Backlog Items, they should commit to a Sprint Goal.

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Which one is the best description of Product Owner's responsibilities?
(choose the best answer)

Keeping stakeholders and management informed and happy

Prioritiez the Development Team work.

Helping the Scrum Team to improve their ability to deliver.

Managing the project and ensuring that the work meets the commitments to the stakeholders.

Optimizing the value of the work the Development Team performs.

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You are development organization’s manager. One of your development teams is ask to do unplanned work related to production incidents for a legacy application unrelated to their product, because some team members have historical knowledge of the legacy application. How should the development team deal with the interruption?
(choose the best answer)

Work with the team to help transfer the knowledge to other teams which have application support mission.

New development work should be put on hold until the production support work is completed; because production request is always more important than new work.

The team should fit the work in, working overtime if that’s what it takes.

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You are product development organization manager, and several agile teams working on the same product. How can you see which team is performing the best?
(choose the best answer)

You need to normalize the estimates across the Development Teams to be able to compare.

The one with the highest velocity is performing the best.

You use severals measures such as velocity, defects, and technical debt to get a picture of how the team is performing.

It is better to not compare team performance because it often leads to unhealthy behaviors. Instead, focus on identifying and eliminating impediments that hinder team performance.

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Which of the following statements about technical is true?
(choose the best answer)

Technical debt is only a developers.

Technical debt is a threat to the long-term viability of a product.

The existence of technical debt is a sign of poor development practices.

Technical debt can be kept until maintenance work and then be handled.

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As product development organization manager, you are using progress reports with a number of Scrum Teams in your organization. You notice that most teams have a velocity of 35-40 story points per Sprint and one team consistently delivers only 15-20 per Sprint. Is this an issue?
(choose the best answer)

Yes, because the team in question is performing worse than the rest.

No, because velocity is not a measurement of team performance.

Yes, because the team in question has not calibrated their story points with the rest of the teams.

Yes, because the Scrum Master for this team is not making this team as productive as the others.

No, because the team in question will probably increase their velocity over time.