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What is the use of wing flap:

The primary purpose of flaps is to increase of lift force on the wing.

Are used mainly as an aerodynamic brake.

Are used mainly to improve aileron effectiveness.

They are used to control the roll around the longitudinal axis.

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The radio station while broadcasting is able to:

Self tapping.

Changes in the type of modulation.

Changes in the number of channels.

Choosing a frequency above 137MHz.

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Air radio stations work on:

Simplex System.

Duplex System.

General system.


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The 'soft' mechanisms control system is:

Steel ropes and roller arrangement.

Pushers combined with rubber shock absorbers and levers.

Steel ropes, pushers and rollers.

Pusher with rolls system.

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 The 'rigid' mechanisms control system is: 

Rigid pushers and levers system.

Pushers and cables with pulleys system.

Pushers and cables with levers system.

Cables in rigid tubes and levers system.

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What does the ammeter shows when it is deflected to the right from the zero:

Correct work of the generator or alternator.

Correct work of the speedometer.

Correct operation of the artificial horizon.

Correct work of RPM counter.

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 The alternator consists of:

Alternating current generator with a rectifier.

Threephase converter.

Single- phase inverter.

Direct current generator.

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Engine units are driven by:

From the engine through the gearbox.

Directly from the engine.

From the engine through the reducer.

From the electric motors.