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Fin control:

Provides longitudinal and directional stability and controllability.

Provides directional control.

Provides longitudinal controllability.

Provides longitudinal stability.

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What is measured by the airspeed indicator:

Speed of AN aircraft against the surrounding air masses.

Pressure at the Airport.

Heading of the aircraft.


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The aircraft moves along the taxiway. Accidentally activated transmitter blocked the radio frequency. The pilot has seen the continuous red signal transmitted from the Tower in his direction. This means that: 

Stop immediately.

Taxi out of runway in use.

Return to the apron.

Cleared to taxi with increased caution.

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 The sensitive measurement element of the airspeed indicator is:

differential membrane can

Burdon Tube

aneroid can

Rubber diaphragm

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The measuring (sensitive) element of the altimeter is:

Aneroid capsule.

Rubber diaphragm.

Burdon Tube.

Differential capsule.

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Braking with the use of the landing gear wheels is:

Hydraulic or pneumatic.




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What pressures are supplied to the airspeed indicator: 

Static and total.

Dynamic and static.

Dynamic and total.


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What pressure is supplied to the altimeter: 


Dynamic and static.

Total and dynamic.