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What is energy

Energy allows you to do work

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Forms of energy

Radiant, electrical, chemical, sound, thermal, nuclear, mechanical, magnetic

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Burning a match and lifting 0.45 kg potatoes

burning a match releases 2700 J

h_potatoes = 611 m

But the problem is, we have to transform energy from chemical to mecahnical, so there are losses

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Energy of an oil barrel

Oil barrel = 127 kg

Content of energy 6.1 GJ (HHV) = barrel of oil equivalent

HHV: in combustion: including water vapour condensation which gives more energy out of it

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Ton of oil equivalent

Combustion of 1 t of crude oil

1 ton of oil equivalent = 1 toe = 42 GJ

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Difference between energy and power

energy is the ability of making work, [J]

power is the energy (produced or used) per unit time, [J/s]=[W]

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Energy vs power: 1 kWh

sounds like a power but is an energy

E = P * time

1 kWh = 3600 J

1 toe = 11.63 MWh

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Def energy source

- primary energy source

- secondary energy source

energy source = resource for energy production to obtain work or heat

primary source. natural resources that can be directly used without transformation (coal, oil, gas, uranium, biomass, hydropower, sun, wind, geothermal)

secondary source = energy carrier, not available in nature, must be generated from primary source through chemical or physical process, transport of energy (electricity, gasoline, diesel oil, LPG, hydrogen)