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Define Public Health Nutrition:

"the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society".

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Assessment - Defining the problem

by doing research. What are all the factors, who have an influence? Can you modify this determinants (i.e. you cannot change the gens) What are the needs of the stakeholders (i.e. food industry). Define your population group => Research. We try to find out what should it be then we found out what it is like and so we can implement an intervention.

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Policy development, planing a strategy / a program

Give examples

Strategies, action  plans, interventions, projects on a local / regional / national or international level i.e. by taxes, front labeling, food tracing, changing the recipes in terms of sugar/salt/transfats (food industry). The interventions can be planned on a government base (like introducing a law) going down to an only monitoring base. 

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Implementing and Monitoring: 

should start already during implementing the intervention. Continuing function that provides the management and main stakeholders with early indications of progress => management function. You need something to monitor, before you start monitoring

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a selective exercise that attempts to systematically and objectively assess progress towards and the achievement of an outcome => often led by an independent party. Evidencec for decision-making (do we continue to fund the program, do we expand the program, do we shut it down?), evidence to infrom science

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Recognize current and emerging global and country-specific concerns in public health nutrition:

Malnutrition, Obesity, NCDs, Breastfeeding, reduced physical activity, Anemia

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Recognize the value of strategies / action plans (international / national) for PHN intervention:

Health problems are a big issue, i.e. the double / triple burden of diseases: On one side there is malnutrition present but also obese and nutrition defincies (anemia, stunting, wasting). It is important, that something is done about it. Aswell the economic burden (disease are costing a lot of money).

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Explain the social ecological model as an general basis for PHN interventions:

Socio-ecological models were developed to further the understanding of the dynamic interrelations among various personal and environmental factors.

It describes, which factors influence behaviour. I.e. Intrapersonal: attitudes, knowledge, self-efficacy, developmental history…

Interpersonal: social networks, social support (family, parents, co-workers, peers)

Organisational: social institutions with rules, regulations, policies and ethos that may promote health

Community: shared identities, relationships among organization, institutions and informational networks within defined boundaries

Environment/policy: Policies, advocacy, environments and structures that impact on health