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What does an enzyme do?

It lowers the actication energy and makes reactions go faster.

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What does GATC stand for?

G: guanine
A: adenine
T: thymine
C: cytosine

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What is the role of hydrogen and covalen bonds in forming DNA?

Hydrogend bonds bring the DNA together, covalent bonds hold them together.
Like scotch (hydorgen bonds) to stick something to the wall and then screw (covalent bonds) it down

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In which direction does the DNA replication flow?

Always from 5' to 3'.

The two strings develop in antiparalell direction

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How is eucaryotic DNA packed?

Into 22 chromosomes (plus X and Y chromosome)

They consist of a centremere (where the genes get separated) and the telomere

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What is the most common protein in DNA?


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How many levels of DNA packaging are there in chromosomes?

Explain them

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6 levels.

1. DNA double helix , 2. beads-on-a-string --> chromatin, 3. cromatin fiber of packed nucleosomes

4. section of chromosome, 5. condensed section of chromosome 6. entire mitotic chromosome 

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What is nucleodynamics?

If the DNA gets packed and unpacked in different configurations to allow acess to different parts at different times