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Which are the most important factors when choosing a model for SW Development?

  • • Project Scope/Size
  • • Organizational Cultutre
  • • Involved People
  • • Criticality
  • • Stability
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List all models availbe in SW Development. (11)

  • Build and fix model
  • Waterfall model
  • Spiral model
  • Hermes
  • V-Model
  • Prince2
  • Unified Process
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Scrum
  • The cathedral and the basar
  • Manifesto for Agile SW Dev


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Descirbe the build and fix model.

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There is no specific procedure in place.

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Describe the waterfall model.

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sequential, fixed, not adaptive

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Describe the spiral model

Risk driven, incremental

--> Picture on p.32

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Describe the Hermes model.

The phase model forms the backbone of the project. It subdivides the life cycle of the project and creates the conditions for the project participants common understanding of the course of the project.

The HERMES phase model consists of four phases:

Initiation Define objectives in the study, work out requirements in sufficient detail for options to be developed and evaluated. The project order is created on the basis of the option selected.
Concept In the concept phase, the rough requirements documented in the study are fleshed out and completed as system requirements. Project-specific solution concepts are designed in detailed studies. They form part of the system architecture. This describes the system with its processes, functionality, system components and their integration into the system environment via interfaces.
Implementation Based on the system architecture, the detailed specifications are created and the system is developed according to those. This also includes testing as a prerequisite for the decision on preliminary acceptance.
Deployment In the deployment phase, the system is activated and then the decision on acceptance is made.

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Which are the 8 standard scenarios from Hermes?

This scenarios can be modified according to the project characteristics

• Service/product
• Customized IT application
• Standard IT application
• Further development of IT application
• IT infrastructure
• Organizational adjustment
• Service/product (agile)
• Customized IT application (agile)

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Which components can be reused for composing scenarios in Hermes?

• Project steering
• Project management
• Agile development
• Project foundations
• Business organization
• Product
• IT system
• Procurement
• Deployment organization
• Testing
• IT migration
• IT operation
• Information security and data protection