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Top Risk for failure in SW Development

  • Schedule (e.g. Time estimation)
  • Budget (e.g. Cost overrun)
  • Operational and Management (e.g. Resource planning)
  • Technical (e.g. Change of requirements)
  • External (e.g. Government rule change)
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What are the SW Engineering knowledge areas? List 15 areas!

- SW Requirements

- SW Design

- SW construction

- SW Testing

- SW Maintenance

- SW Config Managment

- SW Engineering Management

- SW Engineering Process

- SW Engineering Methods

- SW Quality

- Common Practise

- Economics

- Computing, Mathematical and Engineering Foundations

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Define Software Requirements

elicitation,negotiation, analysis, specification, andvalidation

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Define SW Design

definition of the architecture, components, interfaces,

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SW construction

detailed design, coding, unit testing, integration testing, debugging, verification and tools,

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SW Testing

fundamentals of software testing; testing techniques; humancomputer user interface testing and evaluation; test-related measures

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Software Maintenance

reverse engineering, refactoring, software retirement; disaste recovery techniques, tools,

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Software Configuration Management

identification, control, status accounting, auditing; software release management and
delivery, tools