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General questions on CSR

General questions on CSR

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What does CSR stand for?

Corporate Social Responsibility

Some info on setting up a compliance structure in an organization

Committees of various departmetns etc


  • Separate unit
  • part of existing unit (eg Legal)
  • based on recommendation of regulatory unit

Must have

  • senior mgt involved
  • specific individual involved day to day
  • regular reporting
  • adequate resources and budget


Which industry classification system does SASB use?

Sustainable Industry Classification System (SICS)

SASB frameworks and standards?

SASB Frameworks

  • principle based guidance on how info is structured, prepared and what topics covered

SASB Standards

  • Specific, detailed & replicable require. for what should be reported for each topic incl. topics.


In september 2020, five leading frameworks and standard setting organisations:

  • CDP
  • CDSB
  • GRI
  • IIRE
  • SASB

announced shared vision for a comprehensive CSR reporting system


Difference between CSR and ESG?

ESG = CSR + increased Social & Governance metrics


3 key elements of ESG

Environment ("E*)

  • GHG, Climate Mitigants, Energy Eff., Transp., Waste generation, water mgt


  • Inclusion & Diversity, HuRi, Empl. educ., philantropic, Data and privacy, supply chian


  • transparency, good mgt.

Elevator pitch for ESG

Elevate to next level by rolling out well-structured ESG programs to align with market expectations and investors

Driven by Bloomberg, Blackrock, SASB and others