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Definition: Evolution

- Change in the properties/traits of organsims over the course of generations -> passed via genetic material from one to the next generation (evolutionary changes)

- Several populations derived from common ancestor

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Definition: Ontogeny

- Development of new organisms (IS NOT EVOLUTION)

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Examples: Natural selection/evolution

- Antibiotic resistance -> same bacteria from the 50s are back but resistant to antibiotics

- HIV -> two sources from same ancestor with different traits (HIV1 from chimpanzees and HIV2 from Sooty mangabey)

- Senescence -> natural ageing process

- Model organisms -> mice, drosophila etc.

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Evolution Theories: Plato

- Eidos: supernatural ideal imperfectly imitated by humans

- Variation is accidental imperfection

- Species have fixed properties

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Evolution Theories: Christians

- Species created by God in similar form as tody

- God's creation follows a plan

- Great chain of being: angels >humans > higher form of life > invertebrates > plants > barely animate forms of life > inanimate objects

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Evolution Theories: Caraolus Linnaeus

- Systema naturae -> classification of animals and plants

- Science was to catalogue God's creation

- Related species -> genera

- Similarities -> populations as one group

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Evolution Theories: Lamarck

- Theory of organic progression -> Transformation of species

- First coherent theory of evolution

- Species originate out of nothing -> spontaneous creation

- Lamarckism -> Inheritance of acquired characteristics

- Species differ because of different needs -> nervous fluid in organs triggers growth e.g. neck of giraffes

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Evolution Theories: Charles Darwin

- Variational evolution

- Explorer ship -> mocking birds are diffrent on different islands

- Different lineages from single ancestor

- Evolution is not goal-oriented