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1. Haematuria terminalis - bleeding in the end of micturition is characteristic for:

a. kidney diseases

b. diseases of the urethra

c. ureteric diseases

d. bladder diseases

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2. Causes of hematuria is...

a. anticoagulants

b. urinary tract trauma

c. urinary tract cancers

d. a,b,c are correct

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3. Symptoms of bladder diseases after radiotherapy is:

a. haematuria

b. dysuria

c. urge urinary incontinence

d. a,b and c are correct

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4. Prerenal anuria- causes:

a. hypovolemia

b. hypervolemia

c. glomerulonephritis

d. urinary tract stones

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5. Anuria postrenal- causes:

a. bilateral; kidney stones

b. unilateral neoplasm of the ureter

c. stricture of the urethra

d. prostatic cancer limited to the organ

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6. Ischuria paradoxa is the result of:

a. bladder dilatation and retention of the urine

b. lesion of the urethral external sphincter

c. bladder stone

d. in diabetic patients

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7. Urine retention is not observed in:

a. chronic kidney disease

b. prostatic diseases

c. in urethral trauma

d. in the neoplasms of internal orifice of the urethra

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8. Stress urinary incontinence is related to:

a. bladder outlet obstruction

b. detrusor instability

c. trauma of the lower urinary tract

d. insufficiency of external sphincter and minor pelvis disorders in older women