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  • DBD = Digital Business Development
  • DBDP = Digital Business Development Portfolio
  • DE = DIgital Ecosystem
  • DMM = Digital Maturity Model

Dino: BS: Growth Share Matrix

Market Growth vs Share

Questions Marks, Stars, Dogs, Cash Cows

Dino: BS: Cultural Dimention Model


•negative association between uncertainty avoidance and risk-taking

•different cultures have a different risk-taking attitude

•Risk taking = more creativity

Dino: BS: Transformative Business Stream Matrix

Competiveness (unclear, clear, unique) vs Environment (threatened, settled, developing)


Existing business streams are most likely to be found in the upper left corner

Additional business streams on the lower right corner

Dino: BS: dimensions of Digital Maturity

  • Digital Society Management and Customer Centricity
    • allows the company to gain knowledge about the customer expectations of the future in order to develop plans to meet those expectations
  • Strategic Management
    • ability to use digital enablers to realize competitive differentiations, regarding the integration of employees
  • Intensity of Current Digital Activities
    • indicates the capability to realize the alignment from the technical perspective
  • Company Culture and Leadership
    • agility to align a company from an organizational perspective to the digital strategy

Dino: BS: Digital maturity Assessment

•Initial assessment of the environment and the digital impact on the company

•Agreement on relevant indicators that will influence the ability of the company to achieve sustainable competitiveness in the digital age.

•Selection of metrics for the assessment of these indicators and conduction of appropriate interviews.

•Discussion of the Digital Maturity and derivation of three options for action until the next assessment.

Dino: BS: % of the companies stated that their driver for digital transformation was their wish to support their business processes, However, adjustments or enhancements to the business model were never mentioned as the primary motive of digital transformation but only as a possible effect.


Dino: BS: What is Digital Transformation?

Business Development which requires managing knowledge and skills