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Typical (rotary) drill rig components

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Drill bit (plus tools)is connected to a cable
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Typical (rotary) drill rig components

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Typical (rotary) drill rig components



Top drive or rotary table

Drill pipe/ rod

Drill bit

Mud /water pump

Mud pit (mud tank)

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Dry drilling techniques

Bucket augers

Solid stem continuous augers

Hollow stem continuous augers

Cable tool drilling

Air rotary drilling

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Wet drilling techniques

Rotary drilling usually with plain water or a bentonite-water slurry

-- forward circulation

-- reverse circulation

(jetting or wash boring)

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Flushing fluids-- types and purposes



Bentonite-water slurry


Chemically-based foams

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Purposes of the flusching fluid /used additives

Transport rock cuttings out of the borehole

Cool the bit and tools

Lubricate the bit

Control mud density/ viscosity

Form a 'mudcake' (i.e. borehole wall sealing)

Reduce friction of drilling string

Reduce corrosion of equipment,...