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Please fill in the missing part in a manner consistent with business ethics.

_____ is based on the assumption that people are predictable and will maximise the utility of their choices relative to their needs and wants.



Behavioural economics

Rational economics


p. 280
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A coaching leader builds a positive climate by

valuing people, their emotions, and their needs

focusing on communication across all layers of the organization.

inspiring employees to follow their departmental leaders without question.

focusing on achievement, initiative, and self-control.

developing skills for success, delegating responsibility, and issuing challenging assignments.

Chapter 11, p. 331
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The most significant influence on ethical behavior in an organization is the opportunity to engage in unethical behavior.

Chapter 2, Check your EQ


Other influences such as corporate culture have more impact on ethical decisions within an organization
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The first step toward understanding business ethics is to

know your company's ethical policies.

know your own morals and philosophies.

know society's ethical policies.

develop ethical-issue awareness.

develop a set of decision-making rules.

Chapter 3, p. 61
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A stakeholder orientation can be viewed as a(n)

necessity for business success.


polarizing concept.

good marketing ploy.

expensive proposition.

Chapter 2, p. 36
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Which of the following is not a way to avoid groupthink in small-group decision making?

Express the need to examine all alternatives.

Communicate your personal opinion when you assign tasks to a group.

Assign one person to be "devil's advocate".

Set up a number of independent groups to work on the same issue.

Emphasize to each team member that he or she is a "critical evaluator" with the responsibility to express opinions and objections freely.

p. 325
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At the heart of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations is a

"tit-for-tat" philosophy that punishes wrongdoing.

Golden Rule philosophy.

Iron Fist philosophy severely punishes wrongdoing.

carrot-and-stick philosophy that rewards efforts to improve ethics.

utilitarian philosophy of the greatest good for the greatest number.

Chapter 8, p. 220
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Which-one(s) of the following statement(s) is(are) correct?

  1. As more and more countries are adopting policies of state financed national healthcare programs, including associates in a company healthcare program is no longer an important issue in business ethics.

  2. It is in many cases in the long-term interest of a company to also include potentially difficult issues related to different and differing religious beliefs in an ethics program.

  3. The failure to include the issue of living wages in a company’s ethics program can possibly damage a company’s reputation if the public perceives the company as paying foreign workers unfair wages.

All of the above statements are correct.

Only statement II is correct.

Only statements I and II are correct.

Only statements II and III are correct.

Only statement I is correct.

Chapter 10