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What are the goals of amputation surgery

Removal of a diseased or damaged part of a limb. Reconstruction of a stable, painfree and functional limb.

Name three general principals that apply to amputation surgery

Achievement of the most distal level for amputation. Obtain a well-healed stump. Be consistent with the causal condition

List five reasons for amputation surgery

Peripheral vascular diseaseDiabetesTraumaInfectionTumoursCongenital deficiencysecondary deformites


Aputation for tumours; removal part of the pelvis with the entire leg. Leadds to gross functional limitation

Hip disarticulation

Leads to significant funtional loss. Carried out for tumours and severe infection


Anywhere between knee and hip (best as distal as possible)

Knee disarticulation

End of the stump provides weightbearing qualities and suspension. Preseves the femoral epiphysis (growing children). Cosmesis is poor and fitting a prosthesis can be hard.


Between foot and knee. Most significant and important level in dysvascular patients.