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make something easier
too easy

The current structure does not ... efficient work flow. A facile achievement

facilitate (vb)
facile (adj.)

Satz: facilitate; facile

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possible / able to be done

It's quite ... we will get the money. A ... study

feasible (adj) / feasibility (n)

Satz: feasible; feasibility

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Information or evidence uncovered as a result of systematic research or investigation

The ... led to a public enquiry.

finding(s) (n)

Satz: findings

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change or vary

Opinions on this tend to ... .

fluctuate (vb) / fluctuation (n)

Satz: fluctuate

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a group of people recruited to help assess /discuss something as part of a study

The study was undertaken by means of ... group interviews.

focus (v)(n)
focus group (n)

Satz: focus

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further action or investigation or a subsequent event that results from and is intended to supplement something done before

A ... is planned for next year.

follow-up (n)

Satz: follow-up

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a system of rules, ideas or beliefs that is used to plan or decide something:

The theoretical ... around this theory is described in the introduction.

framework (n)

Satz: framework

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the number of occurrences within a given time period

The ... of gang warfare has caused experts to consider banning computer war games.

frequency (n) / frequent (adj)

Satz: frequency