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conclude by reasoning

We cannot ... very much from these figures.
What did Darwin ... from the presence of these species?

deduce (vb) / deduction (n)

Satz: deduce; deduce

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explain something / describe the meaning and limits of something

The authors were asked to ... their aims more clearly.

define (vb) / definition (n) / defining (adj) / definable (adj)

Satz: define

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describe something in words or pictures

The documentary ... the lives of ordinary men and women

depict (vb) / depiction (noun)

Satz: depicts

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take something away from someone

He claims he was ... of his human rights

deprive (vb) / deprivation (n)

Satz: deprived

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come from

The English word 'olive' is ... from the Latin word 'oliva'.

derive (from) (vb) (often used in passive form)

Satz: derived

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This study was ... to examine _ .

design (vb / n)

Satz: designed

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stop/prevent someone from doing something

These measures are designed to ... an enemy attack. High prices are ... many young people from buying houses.

deter (vb) deterrent (n)

Satz: deter; deterring

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become worse

There has been a ... in relations between the two countries

deteriorate (v) deterioration (n)

Satz: deterioration