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Self-Study: Academic Wordlist (2)

Wörter Semestertest

Wörter Semestertest

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able to do something

He is ... of doing much better.

capable (adj), capacity (n)

Satz: capable

place in a category

Participants were ... according to a given criteria.

categorise (v) UK) categorize (v) US

Satz: categorised

collection of things with same attributes

People were divided into ... according to their ages and educational background.

category (n)

Satz: categories


The company has decided to ... all UK operations after this year.

cease (vb)

Satz: cease

say sth. is true or a fact

The company ... it is not responsible for the outbreak.

claim (vb / n)

Satz: claims

put together out of existing material

Relevant questions were ... for the survey.

compile (vb) / compilation (n)

Satz: compiled

write all details asked for on a form

Participants were asked to ... a questionnaire

complete (vb) / completion (n)

Satz: complete

involving many different parts

It is a very ... issue

complex (adj) / complexity (n)

Satz: complex