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To close a business deal or a sale means to complete it successfully.


We believe that the relationship with the customer does not end at closing the sale, but extends far beyond.

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if you empathize with someone, you understand their situation, problems and feelinds, because you have been in a similar situation.


You should clearly empathize with a client who has concerns.

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If you persuade someone to do something, you cause them to do it by giving them good reasons for doing it.

They are now trying to persuade existing customers to sing up for the new service.

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If you can read someone or you can read their gestures, you can understand what they are thinking or feeling by the way they say.

If you have to work in a team you must learn to read people.

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  • a top
  • a professional
  • a successful
  • an excellent
  • an effective
  • an experienced

A salesperson is a person whose job is to sell things especially directly to shops or other businesses on behalf of a company. 

She has been top salesperson at every firm she has worked for.

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good listener

good listener If you describe someopne as a good listener, you mean that they listen carefully and sympathetically to you when you talk, for example about your problems

I am a very good listener; it's part of my job.

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Someone who is knowledgeable has or shows a clear understanding of many different facts about their job or about a particular subject.

We employ friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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If you are enthusiastic about something, you show how much you like or enjoy it by the way that you behave and talk.

Try to motivate people to become as enthusiastic about your product or service as you are.