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The Treacherous 12

Data Breaches

Insufficient ID. Credential & Access Managemen

Insecure Interfaces & APIs

Security Vulnerabilities

Account Hijacking

Malicious Insiders

Advanced Persistance Threats

Data Loss

Unusfficient Due Diligence

Abuse & nefarious use of Cloud Services

Denial of Service

Shared Technology Issues


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Uptime Institute: Redundancy Tier 1

Basic Site Infrastructure

little to none redundancy

Scheduled maintanance will require system taken offline

Untoward personell activity WILL result in downtime

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Uptime Institite Redundancy Tier 2

Redundant Site Infrastructure Capacity Component

Critical operations do not have to be interrupted for maintanance

Untoward personel activity MAY cause downtime

Unplanned failures MAY result in downtime

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Uptime Institute: Redundancy Tier 3

Concurrently Maintanable Site Infrastructure

dual power supplies for all systems

critical operations can continue when component fail

loss of component MAY cause downtime

loss of a system WILL cause downtime

planned maintanance will not necessarily cause downtime

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Uptime Institute: Redundancy Tier 4

Fault-Tolerant Site Infrastructure

redundancy of IT and electronical components

loss of a system or component WILL NOT cause downtime

a single loss, event or personell activity WILL NOT cause downtime

scheduled maintanance WILL NOT cause downtime

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Instance Isolation

each VM should be logically isolated

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Host Isolation

all hosts should be physically and logically isolated as much as possible

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Clustered Storage

Tightly coupled:

storage devices are directly connected to a shared physical backplane

each component has same policies and rule sets

enhances perfomance bc it scales


 Loosely coupled:

greater flexibility

each node is indepentant from each other, only logically connected