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What is an Increment ?

A piece of working product (mostly software) that adds new functionality / value to previously created Increments. The sum of all Increments forms the product. An Increment typically is the result of a Sprint.

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What is Inspect & Adapt ?

Two of the three Scrum pillars – usually used together. Basis for the retrospective meeting

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What is Iteration ?

Describes a process for generally multiple repeating the same or similar actions for approaching a solution or goal.

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What is Planning Poker ?

Specific technique or agile estimation to avoid anchoring and reveal the different assumptions of the involved people

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What is a Product Backlog ?

An ordered list of the work to be done in order to create, maintain and sustain a product. Managed by the Product Owner.

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What is a Product Backlog Item ?

One entry (requirement) of any kind in the Product Backlog.

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What is a Product Backlog Refinement ?

The activity in a Sprint through which the Product Owner and the Development Team add granularity to the Product Backlog.

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What is a Product Owner?

The role in Scrum accountable for maximizing the value of a product, primarily by incrementally managing and expressing business and functional expectations for a product to the Development Team(s).