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Scrum PO Zertifizierung

Relevante Fragen der Scrum PO Zertifizierung können hier darüber gelernt werden

Relevante Fragen der Scrum PO Zertifizierung können hier darüber gelernt werden

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What is a Burndown Chart?

A chart showing the evolution of remaining effort against time. Burndown charts are an optional implementation within Scrum to make progress transparent.

Daily Scrum?

Daily, time-boxed event of 15 minutes, or less, for the Development Team to re-plan the next day of development work in order to achieve the Sprint Goal. Updates are reflected in the Sprint Backlog.

What ist Definition of Done (DoD) ?

A shared understanding of expectations that software must live up to in order to be releasable into production.

What is Definition of Ready (DoR)

A shared understanding by the Product Owner and the Development Team regarding the preferred level of description of Product Backlog items introduced at Sprint Planning.

What is a Developer?

Any member of a Development Team, regardless of technical, functional or other specialty.

What is a Development Team ?

The role within a Scrum Team accountable for managing, organizing and doing all development work required to create a releasable Increment of product every Sprint. All work is called development.

What is an Epic ?

A big requirement with low level of detail which cannot be developed within one iteration (due to missing details or size)

What is a Feature ?

A feature is a service provided by the system or product that addresses one or more user needs.