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To what extent does technical debt limit the value a Product Owner can get from a product? 

(choose the best two answers)

The velocity at which new functionality can be created is reduced when you have technical debt.

Technical debt is not a Product Owner concern, because technical debt is only an issue for the Development Team.

Technical debt does not influence the delivery of value.

Technical debt causes a greater percentage of the product's budget to be spent on maintenance of the product.

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What two phrases best describe the relationship of the Product Owner and the Development Team?

(choose the best two answers)

They should work apart as much as possible in order to keep the concerns of business and technology separated.

They collaborate often so the Development Team builds Increments keeping end-user and stakeholder concerns in mind.

They collaborate often so the Product Owner can make informed decisions in balancing effort and value of Product Backlog items.

The Product Owner should be with the Development Team full-time to grow a deep understanding of the technology being used.

They should share no more than the Sprint Planning and the Sprint Review meeting.

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The Development Team finds out during the Sprint that they aren't likely to build everything they forecast. What would you expect a Product Owner to do?

(choose the best answer)

Change the Sprint Goal.

Skip Product Backlog refinement activities

Re-negotiate the selected Product Backlog items with the Development Team to meet the Sprint Goal.

Cancel the Sprint.

Inform management that more resources are needed.

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How important is it for a Product Owner to order Product Backlog items by value points?

(choose the best answer)

Using value points is the ultimate way for a Product Owner to predict the value that the product will provide

It is a good practice, keeping in mind that market reception is the best measure of value.

Calculating value points is an upfront approach that conflicts with the empiricism of Scrum, and is therefore not acceptable.

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How can a Product Owner use time-boxed Sprints to obtain feedback from users and the market?

(choose the best answer)

At the end of each Sprint, a detailed report with all test cases and test results is available.

Through the assurance that a Development Team finishes all work on the Sprint Backlog.

By making sure a Sprint does not stop until all testing is done, and the work is verified by the Product Owner.

A business analyst represents the Product Owner to make decisions on his behalf during the Sprint. This way the Product Owner can accept the work at the Sprint Review without further involvement.

Through frequent delivery of Increments of the product into the market.

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What are two typical activities for a Product Owner in a Sprint?

(choose the best two answers)

Collaborate with stakeholders, user communities, and subject matter experts.

Work with the Development Team on Product Backlog refinement.

Attend every Daily Scrum to answer functional questions on the discussed Sprint Backlog items.

Create financial reporting upon the spent hours reported by the Development Team.

Update the work plan for the Development Team on a daily basis.

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What is a Product Backlog?


(choose the best answer)

It is a list of references to Use Case documents that are stored in a central repository. The references should be viewable and clickable by anybody to enhance transparency.

It is a detailed list of functionality from which the Development Team draws items, to be complemented by a separate Technology Backlog managed by the Development Team.

It is a formally approved list of requirements to be implemented over a set period.

It is a living artifact of product requirements that exists and evolves as long as a product exists

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The Product Owner's authority to change and update the Product Backlog is unlimited, except for:

(choose the best answer)

Decisions by the chief program manager.

Technical and architectural work that needs to be done first, as indicated by the chief enterprise architect.

Decisions by the CFO, the CEO or the board of directors.

Nothing. The entire organization must respect a Product Owner's decisions.

High impact changes that have not been approved by the change request board.