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What is a Sprint Goal

A short expression of the purpose of a Sprint, often a business problem that is addressed. Functionality might be adjusted during the Sprint in order to achieve the Sprint Goal.

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What is a Sprint Planning

Time-boxed event of 8 hours, or less, to start a Sprint. It serves for the Scrum Team to inspect the work from the Product Backlog that’s most valuable to be done next and design that work into Sprint backlog.

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What is a Sprint Retrospective ?

Time-boxed event of 3 hours, or less, to end a Sprint. It serves for the Scrum Team to inspect the past Sprint and plan for improvements to be enacted during the next Sprint.

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What is a Sprint Review?

Time-boxed event of 4 hours, or less, to conclude the development work of a Sprint. It serves for the Scrum Team and the stakeholders to inspect the Increment of product resulting from the Sprint, assess the impact of the work performed on overall progress and update the Product backlog in order to maximize the value of the next period.

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What is a Story Point ? 

Story Points are an artificial measure for the size of a user story (requirement). They consist out of effort, complexity and risk for the implementation and are much more than the usual effort estimation.

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What is a User Stories?

Optional form of requirements which are a good practice in agile development. Uses the format: "As [role] I want [what] to achieve which [benefit]"

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What is the Velocity?

An optional, but often used, indication of the average amount of Product Backlog turned into an Increment of product during a Sprint by a Scrum Team, tracked by the Development Team for use within the Scrum Team.

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Which description best fits the role of the Product Owner?


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Value Maximizer

Chief Analyst

Project Manager 2.0

Requirements Collector

Scope Protector