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Begin began begun

I begin to wonder.

I began to wonder

I have begun wondering

I am beginning to wonder

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Bend bent bent

I bend the rules.

I bent the rules.

I have bent the rules.

I am bending the rules.

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Bære / Føde

Bear  Bore Born

The truth is hard to bear.

Maria bore her child in a stable.

I was born in 1972.

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Å Slå (begynner på B)

Beat beat beaten/beat

They are hard to beat.

Don't beat yourself up about it.

I have beaten him before.

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Å bli  (endre tilstand)

Become became become.

I would like to become a singer.

He became ill when he drank the poison.

She has become such a nice person.

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Bet bet bet.

Do you want to bet?

I bet that you don't know.

I have bet a thousand dollars on that game.

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Å by  (fx på auksjon)

Bid bid bid

I would like to bid on that car.

I bid you farewell.

I have bid all my money.

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Å binde noe- omkring/fast

Bind bound bound.

You must have skills to bind a book.

Make sure that you bind together the two ends.

The prisoner was bound on hand and foot.