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Steps of the NIST Cyber Security Framework?

1. Identify

2. Protect

3. Detect

4. Respond

5. Recover

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What is technical vulnerability management?

a security practise designed to proactively mitigate or prevent the exploitation of vulnerabilities

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Which 4 things does the process of technical vulnerability management involve?

1. Identification

2. classification

3. remediation

4. mitigation


of vulnerabilities

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What is a security event?

occurrence to have potential security implications

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What is a security incident?

occurrence that actually or potentially jeopradizes confidentiality, integrity or availability of information

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Sources of security events

- OS logs

- applications logs

- security tool logs

- outbound proxy logs

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What does APT stand for?

Advanced Persistent Threat

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What is an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)?

network attack in which unauthorized personell gains access to a network and stays there, undetected for a long time

intention is to steal data

often targets orgs in high-value information sectors