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1. What basic question has Lonsdale had for a very long time?


  1. How can we speed up learning?
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2. Why was Lonsdale successful in learning Chinese quite fast?

Because he applied his learning principle

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3. Why is it important to be able to learn a new language fast?

Communicate to solve global problems, migration

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4. What reasons does he give for his claim that you can learn any language in six months?

Humanity is capable of pushing borders

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5. What does the comparison with drawing prove?

Everybody can learn drawing in five days if you are applying the right principles

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6. Which two myths does he want to dispel?

You need talent to learn something; immersion itself does not work, you also need to make efforts

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7. What are the five principles of learning?

  1. Content that is relevant to you;
  2. using tools;
  3. focus on meaning;
  4. physiological training;
  5. psycho-physiological state: relaxed, confident, happy, not sad, worried or afraid
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8. Which seven actions does he recommend?

  1. Listen a lot;
  2. focus on meaning,
  3. start mixing
  4. focus on core
  5. get language partner
  6. copy the face
  7. direct-connect words to images