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Title paper 

A transparent window into biology: a primer on Caenorhabditis Elegans
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Einleitung topics 

My presentation is divided into six parts
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Topics: advantages as model organism 

I will start to introduce you to the advantages of c. Elegans as a model organism
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Topics: genetics for self- and cross-fertilization 

then i will show you how the ability of self- and cross-fertilization facilitate genetic work
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Topics methods and research 

Afterwards I will tell you something about common used methods and give you an insight into Research fields
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Topics: limits/disadvantages

I will also talk about limits and disadvantages
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Topics: summary 

And in the end i will summarize the most important points
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small size

C. elegans is a small organism with a length of only 1 mm. So a single petri dish can hold about ten thousand worms