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Evaluative statements or judgements concerning objects, people, or events

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Any incompatibility between two or more attitudes or between behavior and attitudes

Cognitive Dissonance
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A positive feeling about one’s job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics

Job Satisfaction
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The degree to which a person identifies with a job, actively participates in it, and considers performance important to self-worth

Job Involvement
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Employees’ belief in the degree to which they affect their work environment, their competence, the meaningfulness of their job, and their autonomy in their work

Psychological Empowerment
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The degree to which an employee identifies with a particular organization and its goals and wishes to maintain membership in the organization

Organizational Commitment
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The degree to which people in a country accept that power in institutions and organizations is distributed unequally

Power Distance
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An employee’s involvement with, satisfaction with, and enthusiasm for the work he or she does

Employee Engagement