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Which two groups should attend every Iteration Review?

The team's Scrum Master

The team's Product Owner

The team members

Business Owners

Product Owners on dependent teams

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Who should attend the PO sync?

The Product Owners, Product Management, and other stakeholders as needed

The scrum of scrums participants and the Product Owners

The teams and the RTE

Everyone on the train

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Iteration Goals serve what purpose?

To align team members to a common purpose

To define the what, the how, and the how much

To set preliminary PI Objectives

To identify nonfunctional requirements

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Which two statements are true about the SAFe backlog model?

Features are in the Program Backlog

Stories are in the Team Backlog

Stories are in the Solution Backlog

Epics are in the DevOps Backlog

Capabilities are in the Program Backlog

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What is the purpose of Iteration Goals?

To hold the team accountable to their goals

To provide the baseline required for measuring the team's performance

To align the team members and the Product Owner (PO) to the mission

To ensure the team accomplishes all the committed Stories each Iteration

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What is the purpose of the Solution Context?

To enable marketing to create better marketing campaigns

To identify critical aspects of a Solution's operational environment

To guide Product Management in prioritizing Features

To assist sales and service organizations in configuring complex solutions

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What are three elements of Agile Team capacity allocation that ensure a healthy balance of work? (Choose three)


Free time for innovation



User Stories

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What is one of the questions the Product Management team must answer in order to create a Vision?

Which themes are on the Roadmap

Which problem will the Solution solve

What are the team's skills

How many Features have already been released to the Customer