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Give the Definition of an Application Software and what are its four components

User oriented computer programs that deal with user oriented problems (MS Word, ERP):


Software (operating and database systems)

Network (wifi, routers, firewall, VPN)

Data (master, stock, transaction, modification)

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Explain what Proprietary Software is

Licenced Software: (copyright protected) Software provider and User communicate through Dealer with license agreement

- license agreement must be signed by legal owner

- Dealer can be any kind of Distributer of Software


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Explain what Open Source Software is


- source code is open (shared) and accessible (not always free of charge)

- Copying and passing to third parties is permitted (open collaboration)

e.g. open source licenses (Apache License, GNU)

e.g. open source Software (Linux, Firefox)

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Other forms of licenses:

Whats the difference between Freeware, Shareware, and Public-Domain Software? Name an example for each

Freeware: provided by author (legal owner) for free use, no warranty or maintenance obligation (e.g. skype)

Shareware: Can be tested free of charge --> after time, subject to fee (e.g. spotify)

Public-Domain Software: Freely available, released for public distribution and modification, no copyright (SQLite)

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Whats the difference between standardized or customized softwares? Name some advantages for each

Standardized: ready-made, quickly available

--> less expensive, expertise of experts, pre tested, available training material, less risk

Customized: single company use, competivite advantage, developed by users (end user computing)

--> specifically limited, tailor-made, low risk of competitors using it, in-house development, less training

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Briefly list the advantages and disadvantages of Vertical Software

- Available for almost each industry (Industry specific)

Advantage: cheaper, faster than individual

Disadvantage: possible technical problems, linked to spefic hardware, software

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Explain the main activities and basic structure of an ERP system

Enterprise Resource Planning:

- planning and control of company resources

- cross departemental software solution --> control and evalutation for business processes

Structure: Shared Data model

Core Functions:

Production: stock, inventory, production

Distribution: orders, invoices, sales analysis

Accounting: receivables, accounting, budget planning

HR: payroll accounting, surcharge premium

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What categories of a standard software can we customize?

Technical adaptation:

- Parameter: default software setting, language, currencies, mapping of structure etc.

- program modules: add-ons, plugins, function packages (warehousing etc)

- Custom programming: external, integration with other vendor software, source code

- Tools: mask, form, report generators, extendable database tables, scripts (SAP, Java, MS Office: Visual Basic)